Saturday, June 11, 2011

SRC Products

I wanted to post a final update regarding my last Summer Reading Club commission. The finished products have started going up and it's so exciting! I wanted to share with everyone since my portion is done and the library was kind enough to let me take a few photos.

When everything was said and done I ended up illustrating the characters for each week (including various versions; some with textures, some with flags behind them), hand written text, vectored images for the plastic bags, and drew/designed the folder itself.

Northern Tier Regional Library used the illustrations for their newsletter, pamphlets, book-recording folders, plastic bags, t-shirts, stickers, 2 by 3 foot promotional signs for around the township, and a massive 3 by 8 foot banner for across the entrance to the children's department.

(I should note I was not responsible for any of the design layouts other than the folder. I provided the illustrations and hand-written text, and they had someone else take care of all the various placements for each product.)

Anyway, onto the photos!

Stickers! (My favorite, but only because I've been a sticker collector since I was a kid haha.)

The t-shirt(s).

The 3 by 8 foot banner across the department.

An example of the signs that have been put around the area! (Cars driving by probably thought I was crazy for crouching in the grass taking photos haha.)

And finally, the folders! I designed them so the text appears sideways, but when opened up and displayed vertically it can be a poster. I was told a lot of the kids liked to keep theirs from previous years, so I thought it would be a neat idea to compliment that.

Everything turned out great and I was so happy to see the final prints. In a way, it's wild being able to watch a project from start to finish.

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