Friday, August 12, 2011

SRC Cityscape

After the character illustrations I drew, Northern Tier Regional Library asked me if I would be willing to do one additional project. At the end of the seven week "One World, Many Stories" program the children's librarian would be showing The Red Balloon.

She asked if I could sketch a quick "iconic" cityscape of the seven countries studied. The children would then dip their thumbs in red ink and dot their thumbprint balloons across the sky to symbolize their travels through summer reading. She gave me a few examples of what landscapes she specifically had in mind, handed me a massive roll of paper, and told me to go to town.

There weren't many supplies available so I borrowed two sharpies and free hand sketched the mural onto a 3 foot by 10.5 foot piece of roll-paper.

Also! I apologize for the horrible photo quality. I hadn't thought to bring my camera so I snapped these photos with my ancient cell phone. Hopefully the images are still readable, though. :)