Monday, May 30, 2011

Summer Time

Summer! (and a new drawing~) I haven’t been to the beach since I was nine but I’ll be going in a few weeks so I’m super excited!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Summer Reading Club 2011

Once a year the libraries of Allegheny County (Pennsylvania) have a Summer Reading Club program to promote reading and education to kids. There's a new theme every year, but this summer's is "One World, Many Stories” where a different country will be focused on each week.

Traditionally Allegheny county hires a graphic designer or illustrator to do the promotional artwork, then allows the individual libraries to buy various products of their choice from them. But Northern Tier Regional, my local library, contacted me to see if I'd be interested in designing new illustrations specifically for them and this year's theme. They thought it would be more unique, fun, and a chance to promote a local illustrator. I was excited!

Since every week focuses on a different country, Northern Tier's children’s librarian wrote a one sentence scenario for each and I worked my illustrations around them using the country’s national animal as the main character. The sentences given to me were:

"If you go to India, DO NOT get eaten by a tiger but DO ride an elephant." (national animal: Bengal Tiger)

"If you go to Australia, DO NOT get in a boxing match with a kangaroo but DO keep walking even if a crocodile smiles at you." (national animal: Kangaroo)

"If you go to Japan, DO NOT challenge a ninja but DO stop to see the cherry blossoms." (national animal: Tanuki)

"If you go to Brazil, DO NOT pick up a poison dart frog but DO check out the rain forests." (national animal: Jaguar)

"If you go to Ireland, DO NOT steal a leprechaun's gold but DO visit the Giant's Causeway." (national animal: Red Deer)

"If you go to France, DO NOT get lost in the underground catacombs but DO take a walk through Monet's garden." (national animal: Gallic Rooster)

"If you go to Russia, DO NOT go en pointe without lots of practice but DO see a show at the Bolshoi Theatre." (national animal: Russian Brown Bear)

I also illustrated, designed, and did the text for the folder that is given to each participating child to record their book titles into. I'm already so excited and can't wait to see everything printed! I'll be sure to share a few photos when the products begin to arrive.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Summer Reading Club sketch

All I have left for my current commission is to layout the folder and hand write the text, so here are some of the final color scribbles sketches I turned in before starting the finals.

Animals, countries and libraries ~ oh my!