Sunday, March 29, 2009

Promotional Cards!

My new postcards came! The reprint of my 'June' painting is to send to children's book houses; the Sherlock Holmes 'Look' drawing is for juvenile and young adult fiction publishers.


  1. Nice! ^^

    The last post was also adorable, but I figured I'd comment here and kill two birds with one stone.

    I love the bull and ewe. It really is surprising now un-naughty and innocent you managed to make that. It's cute and humorous without feeling sarcastic.

    Super-kitty is adorable.

    I would love to see some kid's books done in that Sherlock Holmes style.

    Love it, as always.

    (Also Cards are crushing the Pirates right now.)



  2. Ah, frig. How did you guys score 4 in the 9th? ><

    *fist shake*

  3. Hehe. I keep forgetting to mention. I still have that child's one you gave me when you first got them. I keep it in my notepad-book for EnP. So every time I open it up to look at or take an order I see kittycream peeking at me over the flap, and it makes me oh-so-happy inside. <3

  4. Thank you so much Jack! I'm really happy to hear you think the bull and ewe ones came out ok.

    The commissioners who hired the graphic designer (who in turn, hired me to draw the art) were so hilarious. They were an older couple and kept light-heartedly arguing over which position needed to be drawn. "There needs to be a 69, I'm serious dear." "No no, if there's already fellatio it's only fair that there be a cunnilingus one. Now c'mon." haha. They were incredibly nice.

    (And oh jeeze! I actually forgot the Pirates existed. I think most of Pittsburgh does. They're our bastard, guaranteed always bad sports team. Being a hockey family, we've been focused on the Pens recently. And after tonight we're guaranteed a spot in the Stanley Cup! Whoo!)


  5. Rach: That's the most flattering compliment I can receive; to know my goofy paintings make someone smile. Thank you sweetie. =)