Thursday, October 2, 2008

Puppies and Librarians

Just a small update with a few of the recent things I've been working on. =)

First is a painting for/of a coworker and her adorable friend Scout.

Second is the front image portion of a post card styled wedding invitation. The bride (being a librarian) and the groom (being a life guard) wanted a 'fun, colorful, drawing with the played-up stereotypes of a lifeguard scooping up a librarian' (with the included text "They're taking the dive!" which gave me extra giggles). ♥


  1. The invitations are ADORABLE!
    They look gorgeous, when you said you did wedding invitations I wasn't expecting anything like that. I want to pick out something specific to comment on, but I can't- the whole thing is superb. ;_; (And of course your puppy is adorable too. X3 ♥)

  2. daw.

    so cute. i like the doggie.